Top YouTube Channels for Web Developers

One of the best learning resources out there today is YouTube. There is a huge amount of content on any subject which is really useful for those who like to learn by watching. As a web developer there are a few channels which I subscribe to that I find invaluable.

Google Chrome Developers

Google Chrome Developers provides masses of the best web development content. My top recommendations of series on the channel are:

What’s New in DevTools

What’s New in DevTools is essential viewing if you do the bulk of your web development in Chrome. A new video is put out every 6 weeks with details of the latest updates in the next version of Chrome DevTools. I have picked up countless tips and tricks from this series which have made my life as a developer much easier.

New in Chrome

New in Chrome is also released every 6 weeks and details new APIs and updates to Chrome.

Chrome Dev Summit

Each year there are a number of great talks from Google’s Chrome Dev Summit.

HTTP 203 Highlights

Highlights from the HTTP 203 podcast are available in video format. This show mixes comedy with the cutting edge of the web.

GOTO Conferences

GOTO Conferences provides the best conference talks across Computer Science in general. Talks are released continuously throughout the year from GOTO conferences held across the world.


TechLead is a fast-growing channel that has been going for about a year. The first season had many videos with excellent insight from experienced Tech Lead Patrick Shyu. They were quickly pulled from YouTube after a few months and made available as a downloadable purchase from Patrick. New videos are still released regularly and there is a lot of solid advice hidden behind a depth of dry humour and sarcasm. Videos focus on general life and career advice for software engineers.

Fun Fun Function

Fun Fun Function for a fun dose of JavaScript knowledge. The channel also features paired programming exploration of new topics which are interesting to watch to see the debugging process of other developers and how they work together.

Other Channels I Recommend

  • Paul Lewis for expert advice on JavaScript and web performance.
  • Kevin Powell for easily understandable CSS tutorials
  • Computerphile for foundational and topical Computer Science content.