Hello World

Hi, I’m Darren, a software developer from Dundee, Scotland.

I’ve started this blog to document my journey in software development, record what I learn and share with others.

This first post will just be a little bit about me.

I wasn’t initially a software developer, in fact until I was 22 I had no interest in computers other than being a casual web-surfer. I was a Physics undergraduate at the UoD (University of Dundee) when I was first introduced to programming in my final year, learning the basics through C and MATLAB. Before starting the programming module I didn’t know what to expect but as I started to learn to code I was hooked.

I went on to study further, undertaking an MSc in Applied Computing from the UoD. My masters project was entitled Asteroid Sample Return Mission Simulator. It was a basic simulator focussing on hazard detection and autonomous navigation utilising the University’s PANGU software.

After completing the MSc I then became a member of the University’s Space Technology Centre to work on the development of PANGU version 4 for the European Space Agency.

After working on PANGU I transitioned into the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station as a Software Systems Specialist.

Outside of programming I am an avid Japanese learner, guitarist and have an insatiable appetite for cookies!