Resources for Learning Go

This post features a number of resources which I have found useful whilst learning the basics of Go.

A Tour of Go

A Tour of Go is the perfect introduction to the language. It covers the basic concepts and data structures Go uses. It features a Go playground where examples can be edited and run remotely - removing the need to have a local Go installation. This is perfect for trying out the language with minimum hassle.

Coursera Specialization

The Programming with Google Go Specialization run by University of California, Irvine provides a thorough grounding in basic Go concepts. I found the short video format particularly good for making use of my commute time to learn the fundamental concepts behind the language.


JustForFunc is a fantastic YouTube channel by Francesc Campoy that has a wide variety of excellent content. The channel features both tutorials and fantastic code reviews where Francesc refactors code submitted by users. I have found the code review videos extremely useful for learning idiomatic Go programming style from an expert in the language.


Exercism has a variety of exercises to sharpen your Go skills organised by topic and difficulty. I have found the option to have code reviewed by a mentor useful to uncover nuggets of Go information I would not have easily come across otherwise. It can be slow to get feedback but worth submitting exercises for review and then coming back to exercises after feedback has been given.